lolcats Cassette + Download (Antiquated Future)

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Somewhere between film soundtrack, ceremonial folk dance, and psychedelic reverie exists Corespondents (Todd Arney, Kieran Harrison-Buhlinger, Olie Eshleman, Doug Arney). Their newest cassette + digital download, lolcats, is a further evolution of the intricate instrumental music they've been perfecting over the course of their ten year career.

Guest appearances by: Ivan Molton (saxophone), Eric Padget (trumpet), Matt Manges (percussion), and Mindie Lind (vocals). Mastered by Doug Krebs.

Track listing:

  1. Winner of My Disco Tent
  2. Hasenpfeffer
  3. Shrug Rug
  4. Audios Amigos
  5. Pocket Bread
  6. Carradine
  7. The The Tar Tar Pits

"Corespondents’ instrumental tunes are so vivid, you can practically hear the lyrics telling the accompanying story." - Seattle Weekly

"I've listened to it a hundred times, and I’m still hearing new sounds. If Seattle had a dream team of studio players they might be it." - Sean Jewell, American Standard Time

"Corespondents are one of my favorite bands in Seattle. How they syncopate their instruments – how they even write these sorts of songs – is way beyond me." - Jake Uitti, The Monarch Review

Notes: “Audios Amigos” appropriated from “Cumbia de las Guitarras” by Grupo Ju-Juy & “La Pita” by Banda 20 de Julio De Repelon.