Lemon Dots

Girl in Motion 7-inch

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A Side
"Girl in Motion"
"Not Old Enough For You"

B Side
"Hung Up On You"
Sunrise Surprise"

"The brainchild of Theresa Smith, guitarist extraordinaire for the immensely popular and deservedly so Home Blitz, Lemon Dots tows the line between Killed By Death and Girls in the Garage. Imagine The Maroons' "Out Tonight" clinging to an electric fence while being flayed by an out-of-control drum machine wielded by Lesley Gore. Four songs of hyperactive 60s girl-pop flailing in an undertow of magnetic hisses, squalls and squeals. Songs so saccharine they're guaranteed to rot your teeth. All without an ounce of the pretense so often associated with the borough she calls home.

300 copies pressed on custom-mixed opaque yellow vinyl, just in time for spring. Full color glued sleeves and inserts on Speckletone stock." - http://laboroflove.tumblr.com/post/582076984/lemon-dots-home-blitz