Mat Wilga

There I Go 7-inch

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"Matt Wilga is best known for his unrivaled prowess behind the drums. His CV includes the likes of Cancer Kids, Failures, and Bucket Full of Teeth. However, to typecast him as a drummer, even one worthy of the highest superlatives, shortchanges his abilities as an artist. Matt is one of those oft-envied individuals to whom the Universe has doled out a disproportionate amount of talent. He has recently debuted his skills as a gifted song writer and multi-instrumentalist in his role as lead guitarist and vocalist of the Stoned Ambassadors. And while the Stoned Ambassadors is an undeniably impressive outfit, it, too, falls short of fully capturing Wilga's musical output.

For years, Matt has been writing and recording songs on his own. His solo work worlds away from the searing sounds of his other projects provides an intimate glimpse at an infinitely sadder, more subdued side of Matt. It is difficult to imagine how it is that one could be so prolific while working on such disparate projects.

The songs captured on There I Go, represent his first official release under the banner of Matt Wilga. They were also the catalyst that provided the inspiration for Labor of Love's inception.

"There I Go," with its melancholic chord progression and timeless lyrics, will at once have the listener convinced that it must be some long forgotten standard. It's simply too perfect a song to have been have conceived in some anonymous bedroom and yet, it somehow was. The b-side contains two songs drenched in reverb and feedback, and layered with melodies reminiscent of the Jesus and Mary Chain, Spacemen 3, and the Brian Jonestown Massacre. The overall effect is a transformative one: leaving the listener pining away for things they have never personally experienced.

Deep impression covers and inserts printed by letterpress on Royal Fiber paper. 300 copies on white vinyl."

  1. There I Go
  2. Sun City
  3. Headed On That Ride