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Clothes Your I's CD

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The first edition of this CD by Karl Blau came in some hippy purses that Karl had sewed together. The second edition came in a sleeve made out of record sleeves w/ a xeroxed drawing of an apparently pregnant mermaid.

Now, this special third edition comes complete w/ a jewel case, shrink wrapping, and a Tower Records friendly barcode sticker! (I think the lyrics are printed on the back too.)

Now Karl's had (and taken) lots of hits, so what makes this hit CD so compelling you ask? I don't know. Maybe it's the cohesiveness. Whereas his other CDs have compiled songs from various tapes, these songs were recorded w/ the intention of being all together on one album. If the other CDs are his short story collections, then this one is his novel. The songs seem to be mapping out the same emotional terrain. It's one big personal statement from Karl Blau to you the listener. I mean, it ends with the same song it starts with; could it be anything less?

Clothes Your I's also has guest stars: Phil (Microphones, Mount Eerie), Nate Ashley, probably some other people, and a whole backup band of overdubbed Karl Blaus! And the whole thing was recorded at Dub Narcotic, which must mean something if Karl deemed it necessary to forgo his four-track.