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Shipwreck Day - A Knw Yr Own Compilation CD

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Knw-Yr-own is a label founded by Bret Lunsford (Beat Happening, D+) in 1987, as an outlet for Anacortes, Wash., area music.

Bret grew up in Anacortes and lives there currently with his family. He operates a book and record store called the Business, which hosts frequent events at the in-house eatery, Cafe Adrift, and is home to a small studio where some of the Knw-Yr-Own recordings are produced. Started initially as a cassette-only label, the first releases on Knw-Yr-own were the series of local compilations Sore Optimists, To Go Nowhere and Too Sore to Move. In its current status, Knw-Yr-Own operates as a loose collective releasing CDs by Little Wings, Nate Ashley, Karl Blau, Dennis Driscoll, Khaela Marricich (pre-Get the Hell Out of the Way of the Volcano). "Shipwreck Day" showcases Knw-Yr-Own musicians.

1. Spin Around And 'Round - Karl Blau
2. Do What I Do - The Gift Machine
3. Patch It Up - The Crabs
4. I Cut My Hands Off - Microphones
5. Intermission 2 (Themes And Aberrations) - Glen Desjardins
6. Bruised Fruits - Sandman
7. River Takes The Rain - Jacob Navarro
8. Faith Children - The Blow
9. Cornflakes - Brian Malloy
10. Attic - Talking About Flying
11. After Dinner Music - The Stubborn Deaf
12. Look At What The Light Did Now - Little Wings
13. Water's Gone, The (But Life Is Long) - Laura Veirs/Danny Barnes
14. Happy Lucky Girl, The - Dennis Driscoll
15. Two Sides Of The Eye - Nate Ashley
16. Joe - The Skinless Antidragons
17. I Can't Believe It's True - Calvin Johnson
18. Skyscraper - Button Happy
19. My Voice, Then The Piano - Adam Clayton Forkner
20. Wash Off The Dust - Darrin Mathhies
21. Take You For Granted - D+