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Dave Matthies has created a masterpiece, with Andrea Gruber, named Goodbye/Goodluck. The power pop smarts of "Don't Turn Me Off" are sleeping in a kiddie pool turned sensory deprivation tank. When two voices fit this well together, all things seem possible for humanity. The recorded results are a propulsive backyard party where its ok to nap because you'll be singing along with this for the rest of your life.

Track Listing
1. Cut Right Through It
2. In The Middle
3. Back To The Source
4. I Fell Off The Map
4. Trying To Get There
5. Goodbye. Good Luck
6. Get Out In It
7. What Do You Require
8. It Had To Be You
9. Borrowed Time (And Water)
10. Tell Me How It Goes
11. My Love
12. I Still Don't Feel Like Dancing