Gone Are All The Days (KLP222)

LP $12.00

When it first appeared on (a)spera (KLP195) in 2009, the first solo album from Mirah since 2004, "Gone Are All the Days" was a song of sorrow with a little swing and a bit of hope. Live performances of the track took the swing and added a disco beat; an energetic pulse that alleviates sadness with glittery energy and an empowered delivery.

When unwrapped this 12" single comes in four parts: a studio recording ("Disco Beat") including a newly constructed musical arrangement featuring a punchy bassline, a sly guitar, bongos, viola and a rerecorded vocal performance by Mirah, an isolated instrumental track, an additional dance remix by Christopher Doulgeris of Hooliganship, and an a capella vocal track. These "Days" are brighter, and the future is happening already. Be a part of it.

Track Listing
  1. Gone Are All The Days (Disco Mix)
  2. Gone Are All The Days (Instrumental Version)
  3. Gone Are All The Days (Hooliganship Mix)
  4. Gone Are All The Days (Vocal Version)

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