Joyride: Remixes (KLP177)

LP $12.00
CD $8.00

The digital version of this album is available from the K Bandcamp.

When Mirah makes a plan, she involves everybody. She makes a cafe in her living room, and everybody is invited. Her birthday parties, more likely than not, are costumed formal dinners, long walks around lakes, or hot air balloon rides.

Mirah has recorded three albums of her lovely song self, always directing the writing, production and arrangements. Now she is in a year hiatus from performing, but she wanted to play again, just for fun and not so serious, plus some serious as well as fun. So Mirah made a plan: She generously offered up her songs themselves and asked for the participation of the people around her. In this hot air balloon ride of remixes, Mirah lifts off with old friends and new ones, taking off without quite knowing where the landing might be. With so many music-smart friends at the controls, Joyride: Remixes is an experiment for Mirah in not being the only one in charge. It is an experiment in floating free through the clouds, sharing, giving away and opening presents at the same time.

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