Infinity Plus [KLP058]

LP $16.00
CD $11.00
Damaged LP* $5.00

The digital version of this album is available from the K Bandcamp.

Ten short stories disguised as pop songs. Working with sidekicks Heather Dunn on drums and Brendan Canty on electric guitar, bass and organ, Lois Maffeo  has written ten songs that map the heart and decode the complex cryptograms of love and chance. Also appearing on Infinity Plus are Elliott Smith, on the duet "Rougher," and Alan Sparhawk (Low)  adding spectral guitar to the tunes "A Summer Long" and "Silent Auction."

Track Listing

  1. Rougher
  2. Sunrise Semester
  3. 2 Hearts
  4. R.S.V.P
  5. Not Funny, Ha-Ha
  6. Capital A
  7. A Summer Long
  8. Silent Auction
  9. Bridge Burner
  10. Lucky in a Way

***The "Damaged LP" is an LP in perfect shape that has been sent back to K because a corner of the jacket is bent & unsalable in stores.  DISCOUNTED PRICE!***

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