Fifth Column

36C (KLP026)

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Fifth Column say down with Oedipal excuses. This is the gang that updated the '60s girl group statement as TO SIR WITH HATE. Don't get them wrong...They know a thing or three about love. It's just that this bubblegum rebellion is for keeps.

Fifth Column was an all-woman Toronto, Ont. punk band that began in the earliest of '80s, bursting upon a male-dominated scene confused by their estro-powered girl group-crossed-punk fusion. The membership went through many transitions over their decade + as a band, with the main core being G.B. Jones, Beverly Breckenridge and Caroline Azar. 36C is their third album, with an expanded line-up that included Don Pyle (Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet). It was released on K in 1992, following their appearance in our International Pop Underground series ("All Women Are Bitches" [IPU033]), after which the band toured across the country.

G.B. Jones is also an underground filmmaker and members of Fifth Column appear in her works The Yo-Yo Gang and The Lollipop Generation.

The digital version of this album is available from Bandcamp

  1. All Women Are Bitches:Repeat!
  2. (Get the) Bug
  3. Your Love Glows in the Dark
  4. Don't
  5. Spoiler
  6. M.O.V.E.
  7. Von Brucker In Love
  8. Schizocrushv It's A Really Weird Thing
  9. Donna