K Mail Order Department

K LP Grab Bag!


The K warehouse is filled to the rafters with K releases of the physical variety: compact discs, cassette tapes, digital video discs and phonograph records! In order to free up some space we are offering up a grab bag of ten random K albums (long-playing phonograph records) for the ridiculously low price of $25.00. Jesus H. Spanglepants! This is what's commonly referred to on the world-wide web as a "deal". Deal of the Century, people. Artists who may be included in the K LP Grab Bag are Mirah, Mahjongg, Treepeople, Jeremy Jay, Black Anger, Lois, Mecca Normal, Woelv, Fitz of Depression, Electric Sunset, IQU with Miranda July, Some Velvet Sidewalk, Marine Research. Hottness, Incorporated.