Holiday (IPU024)

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This is Vol. XIV in our International Pop Underground series of 7" 45 rpm phonograph records.

The digital version of this single is available on Bandcamp.

In late 1982 Olympia musician and producer Steve Fisk move to San Francisco to join fellow Northwest ex-pats Pell Mell on keyboards. Pell Mell released a C-90 cassette on K in 1986, For Years We Stood Clearly as One Thing. Steve Fisk released two cassette-only releases and his Over and Thru the Night [KLP020] album on K, as well as working in the studio with Beat Happening, Some Velvet Sidewalk, the Beakers, and Old Time Relijun. Duck Hunt is a collaboration between Steve Fisk and Pell Mell's main creative light, guitarist Bill Owen. The two songs are "Vacation" and "Holiday" (which also appears on the International Hip Swing [KLP016] compilation CD).

Track listing

  1. Vacation

  2. Holiday