I Don't Have To Worry Cassette (It Takes Time Records)

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Originally self-released in 2011, the third Generifus full-length I Don’t Have To Worry marks a notable point in Pacific NW folk-pop. Songwriter Spencer Sult collaborated extensively with experienced cohorts LAKE and Karl Blau to bring this album to fruition. Delicate and carefree sounds find their way into each of these tracks, which were recorded in the idyllic Washington island settings of Langley and Anacortes.

Several years out of print and living on only via Bandcamp, It Takes Time Records has decided to bring physical copies of this album back into the world with this 2016 reissue!

This cassette (a limited edition of 100 copies) includes a cache of newly compiled and mostly unreleased recordings from the same period (read: bonus tracks!). These tracks include early demos for the album, Dub Narcotic Studio versions, live solo performances, compilation and short-run EP rarities as well as several previously unheard songs. We hope these new materials, in addition to the tape, shed light on an interesting and productive period of music-making. 

Track listing (* = bonus track) :

  1. Your Rules 
  2. These Leaves 
  3. Back Seat 
  4. And I Tried 
  5. In My Cave 
  6. Can't Say 
  7. Sold 
  8. Changes 
  9. Some Days 
  10. Good Graces 
  11. Waiting
  12. Your Rules (Dub Narcotic Session)*
  13. I Know (Dub Narcotic Session)*
  14. In My Cave (Demo)*
  15. And I Tried (Demo)*
  16. Good Graces (Demo)*
  17. Die Together (The Water from the Well EP)*
  18. Sun Rising (The Water from the Well EP)*
  19. Back Then So Far (The Water from the Well EP)*
  20. Socio Pt. 2  (The Water from the Well EP)*
  21. Ride (Previously Unreleased)*
  22. ! Screamed (Previously Unreleased)*
  23. Just Kept Walking (Live on Rainy Dawg Radio) (Previously Unreleased)*
  24. Can't Say (Live at Blue House, Olympia, Wash.)*