Obrador Live! With Fato Criminal

Para Los Ninos CD

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"OBRADOR. Pushing the limits of musical invention, this creative ensemble has performed in the Pacific Northwest for over twenty years. The founders of a very special musical community, they have explored the roots of Afro-Caribbean traditions, invoking a fresh, spirited blend of ethnic and urban elements. Ever aware of their political consciousness, the members of OBRADOR continue to push forward the creative horizons of the modern world, captivating audiences with their unique and earthy sound. OBRADOR's creative obsession with multi-ethnic concepts of rhythm has made them a special place in the turbulent and ever changing spectrum of the performing arts. As their concepts have evolved within these time-tested fundaments, bright new sounds are created in the form of OBRADOR's own original compositions. The diversity of material within the grasp of this band has kept its role both as a dance ensemble and a concert/performance group firmly established. This remarkable new sound is made possible by the artful synthesis that is OBRADOR and by what each member brings to it as an individual." captured live with the Portuguese Rap of Brazil's Fato Criminal!