Appalachian Yard Art

Fussy CS + DOWNLOAD (Antiquated Future)

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Seattle's Appalachian Yard Art has been building an impressive catalog of lo-fi psych folk oddities over the last few years. Fussy is their most concise and unified effort so far—nine surprising, noisy, and often sublime songs. Minimalist outsider mini-epics.

This blue cassette comes with a digital download code.

Released on Antiquated Future Records.

Track listing

  1. Skull Song
  2. Your Swan Song Sounds Like a Ska Song
  3. Wood Clamp
  4. Dobwhistle
  5. Alchemy
  6. The Rise and Fall of Mulch
  7. Milk Makes the Mammal
  8. Reading the Obits on a Sunbaked Hillside
  9. Skull Song (Reprise)