Romanteek CD

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Romanteek is a Dance Extravaganza ready to blow your mind and move your body. What began as a one woman show back in 2001 is now a full on five piece band of extraordinary power. The five fingers of Romanteek are Middle Finger=Ruby "Rhinestone" Valentine - vox and hand percussion, Pointer Finger=Matt "Le Matt" Buscher- guitar, Ring Finger= Ira "Dance Attack" Coyne- keyboards and stuff, Pinky Finger= Ian "Captain Tequila" Ackerman- Bass, the Thumb= Heather "that's what she said" Dunn -drums. Over the course of history Romanteek has been dazzling audiences and touching hearts, with their messages of love and reality. They have been up and down the west coast again and again and in all the underground discotheques of Europe. This fall Romanteek will finally bring the love all across the country- get ready for it- it's gonna be real good. Romanteek is PRO-LOVE, PRO-CHOICE, PRO-QUEER, PRO-DANCE, PRO-SWEAT, PRO-EVOLUTION, PRO-REVOLUTION, PRO-COMMUNICATION, PRO-PEACE, PRO-POWER OF THE PEOPLE! can you dig it? I knew that you could.