Whiting Tennis

Every Night I'm Killing 7-inch

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Whiting Tennis is a well-known visual artist. He has shown his work all around this crazy globe of ours. His aural work is available on vinyl for the first time and you should experience it for yourself. You will be absorbed.

One way or another, with moss or with dirt, you are going to be absorbed. It will be slow. At first it will grab at your heart then you might feel a pull on the bones and if you let go… you understand.

After listening to Whiting Tennis's new 7-inch, "Every Night I'm Killing" [FIN-LE7-003], you will be pulled in. Beauty and darkness are microscopically entwined. It is so incredibly painful, but this is what we want. In that way… it is perfect. "Every Night I'm Killing" is true and real, no bullshit. It pulls, and pulls hard. Pure communication through tone and raw emotion. Dig it and it will dig you.