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Extra Bad is the new (and technically sixth) full length from Generifus, the songwriting and recording project of Washington state resident Spencer Sult. This release is an audio cassette with full-color j-cards and opaque purple tapes!

Track listing:

1. Pulled Over
3. Don't Fall Down
4. Small Stuff
5. Uncurl
6. No Surprise
7. The Park
8. Wiped Out
9. Don't Turn Away
10. Outer Line

This album marks a return to Dub Narcotic Studio in Olympia, the site where previous full length Back In Time (2012) and single “In My Cave” (K, 2011) were recorded. Following several self-recorded tapes released in the interim, a new power-trio line up was brought together to capture ten new concise guitar-driven musical statements and ponderings.

The formation of the new line-up can be traced to the Olympia departure of frequent collaborator Spencer Carrow and demise of house-venue and previous Generifus HQ Chez Puget around the end of 2012. Sult soon fell in with a new group of musical friends based around the Guest House, another Olympia house venue, and recruited residents River Nason (drums) and Liam Hindahl (bass) to bring his new songs to life at shows. Performing frequently around Olympia for the next year, Generifus shifted it’s reputation from a primarily solo affair to a more powerful live experience. This growth lent itself to the ensuing recording session (with Dub Narcotic studio head Sam Gray) that produced Extra Bad

Stylistically, the album marks a progression in both songwriting and guitar performance for Sult. Time spent hosting radio shows and a record store gig expanded the scope of influence to include both 1970’s country-rock and lesser known 1990’s bands that worked to keep their legacy alive. Hand and wrist injuries, sustained from a combination of skateboarding and grueling kitchen work, led to a move away from intricate fingerpicking towards shorter, simpler strummed songs with memorable melody lines. In turn, more dynamic lead vocals add to depth to the new compositions. 

In concept, Extra Bad follows themes of previous releases while exploring a new sense of conflict between seeing ones self as an artist while being distracted by darkness in media and everyday working life. The overall goal and hope is that music can continue to bring people together against all (extra) bad things in the world.