Mount Eerie

No Flashlight [Japanese IMPORT] CD (7 e.p.)

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No Flashlight is the first album released by Phil Elevrum (The Microphones, D+)'s project, Mount Eerie.

This CD is a special Japanese Import by our friends at 7 e.p.! It includes four extra tracks: "The Intimacy", "This is the Same Ocean", "Waterfalls (by Thanksgiving)", and "Where", and has an obi strip wrapped around the top of the digi-pak.

Track listing:

  1. I Hold Nothing
  2. The Moan
  3. In The Bat's Mouth
  4. (2 Lakes)
  5. Stop Singing
  6. (2 Mountains)
  7. The Air in the Morning
  8. The Universe is Shown
  9. What?
  10. How?
  11. No Flashlight
  12. (2 Moons)
  13. The Intimacy
  14. This is the Same Ocean
  15. Waterfalls by Thanksgiving
  16. Where?