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Sometimes dead ends are something hard - like concrete. They are an obstacle. You can see over to your destination but not know how to get there. They can make you feel trapped; but they force you to make a decision. You have to rethink and then keep moving after you've hit a dead end in a maze. MAZES, a four song debut 12" EP by Woman, presents four men who have worked very hard in many different bands for years in Knoxville, Tennessee. 
Every city and every scene has a supergroup that takes years to form. Dead ends get hit even with bands that we love and the maze forces them to move elsewhere, trying to get to the exit. Woman was the cathartic exit for Chris Lowe (vocals), Jason Stark (drums), Damion Huntoon (bass) and Tyler Mucklow (guitar) and MAZES is their collective product of survival in an ever-changing college town, where people are always coming and going and not staying. MAZES reaffirms the creative journey which continues to push band members through the maze until they can find the people on the outside who somehow managed to find a way, as well. 
 "Almost confrontational in their devotion to push the experimental rock envelope, [Mazes] is a fine statement of rhythm-heavy spook chants ... and fuzz-fucked glory. A current Favorite." A- - The Detroit Free Press "A collective mind trip … There's juju in the music, the kind of sounds that jerk the mind around when turned up to brainsick decibels; the kind of cathartic moans that have always reflected what it means to be human, from Handel's Messiah to the grittiest Mississippi blues." - Metro Pulse 
This also marks the first release of Endless Latino.