Stoned Ambassadors, The

Cry Your Little Eyes Out 7-inch

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SIDE A - Cry Your Little Eyes Out SIDE B - Through the Maze Brooklyn's The Stoned Ambassadors wear their love of the electric guitar on their sleeves. Their sound has been compared to the likes of Spacemen 3, Jesus & Mary Chain, The Stone Roses, and even Oasis. But rather than simply mine the aesthetics of their guitar-loving influences, the Stoned Ambassadors focus on fundamentals; songwriting and musicianship. This vinyl debut showcases the wide breadth of the band's sound. The straight-forward rhythm of "Cry Your Little Eyes Out" floats by on the crest of a triumphant guitar hook, while "Through the Maze" is a slow, drone-laden hymn of desperation with a gorgeously cascading melody set to a funeral march on the floor tom.