Untied States

Instant Everything, Constant Nothing CD

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Untied States ("t" comes before "i") hail from Atlanta, Georgia. They harness a whirlwind of sound that inhabits a world slightly askew. Instant Everything, Constant Nothing is an adventurous course that directs samples interlaced with melodic sheets guitars, disciplined noise and vocals that veer between croon and squall. These very different sides are now interwoven and overlaid instead of seamed together at their ends.

"Untied States exist in the same harmonic universe that Sonic Youth has been perfecting for 15 years... and, even though they present themselves as a good old guitar-rock group, I'm totally in love with the textured thicket of machines that make up the album's underbelly... Recommended just as highly to those that believe in anything as to those that believe in nothing  they'll have the most to gain." - Tiny Mix Tapes