The Georgetown Orbits

My Baby's Okay 7-inch

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"When ska hit the mainstream in the mid-90's, there were bands coming from everywhere. As a result, the music was watered down, and stripped of the instrumentation and soul that are at the root of the original Jamaican sound. When David O'Bright (drums) and Tobias Kremple (bass) met in mid-2004, they both agreed that the ska scene that was left in the wake of mainstream popularity was missing something. Tobias, an ethno-musicology major at University of Washington, felt that the genre was lacking a proper voice; namely, a group of musicians with the skill and versatility to take true inspiration from the great Jamaican styles - Ska, Rocksteady, and Reggae and make a sound all their own.

Today, THE GEORGETOWN ORBITS are the realization of this goal. A tight, heavy rhythm section, dynamic horn lines, improvised solos, and classic vocals from Mike Rempe, are definitive marks in their sound. In their relatively short career, THE GEORGETOWN ORBITS have already played with the ska mainstays the Toasters and other local and touring bands The music has appealed to fans throughout Seattle's reggae, jazz, ska, punk, soul, and calypso scenes, and with the release of their first single "My Baby's Okay" they are poised to captivate dancing audiences throughout the country and the world". the first release from the Olympia label Dead End Social Club!