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Fuck the Future CD

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"Pure hardcore. No electricity. Fuck the future. Foot Village needs nothing but their own fists to make music, to make you scream, to make you dance, to make you thrash. An imaginary step back to a time more futuristic than now, yet shrouded in magic. Kung Fu was invented by peasants as a method of fighting so confusing to their enemies that it appeared as magic. Foot Village has invented acoustic hardcore in the same regard. If you are confused, perhaps you are the enemy. Foot Village features members of Men Who Can't Love, Rainbow Blanket, Gang Wizard, Rose For Bohdan, and tons more. CD compiling Foot Village's early "country" releases. Country as in songs about the countries of this world. Done as research for their current work building their own nation, Foot Village. Originally released in extremely limited edition and now sold out, all tracks have been remastered by Pete Swanson. Contains all tracks from debut 3" cdr, 7", and World Fantasy 10". Art by Lart."