The Casual Fools

Confusion to Our Enemies 7-inch + Download (Home Records)

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From 'Cool' Solon High School, it's The Casual Fools. For their swan song debut, they've chosen three of their most heartfelt tunes. After four years of tooling around suburbia, they've decided to mark their place in Western history before perishing in a terrible ballon accident. A record to stop your heartbeat (at 33 1/3 RPM). From and for kids too lame to write math-rock.

With an album filled to the brim with songs to make you cry, it's Boys Who Cry! Actually no, it's just these folks:

Max Look: Guitar, Screaming
Sam Herman: Guitar, Crying
Dan Roberts: Drums, Physical Abuse
Joey Selvaggio: Bass, Picked up the pizza

The runoff of this 7" is engraved with the claim, "This record is trying to break your heart / Did it work?"

An emotional, passionate explosion with some really sick guitar skills. Watch out for more from these dudes who just started their own label, Home Records. D.I.Y. to the max. Lovin' it.