Pine Hill Haints

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  • Photo by Sarah CassPhoto by Sarah Cass
  • Photo by Sarah CassPhoto by Sarah Cass

The world moves fast and slow under the green light of the bright corporate star. The modern times continue. The prayers and curses that were once known as songs continue to rise from the meditations of our hearts, and out of the crushed skull of north Alabama comes the Pine Hill Haints. With a core group of kindred spirits who enjoy performing music, the band travels and records often, mainly through the south, and randomly all over the world. There is an invisible union of junk musicians and storytelling friends who participate. The band started sometime around 1998 and continues to work to the present, and released their third K LP, Welcome to the Midnight Opry [KLP236], in 2011.

The sets never repeat, the songs always evolve and change, and the sound forever continues to adapt. The Haints strive to capture the dark pulse that was once known and feared among fogotten cultures, and this rambling and broken outfit seek to harness the madness of train jumping, lonesomeness, depression, ever lasting joy, and the mysteries of life and death.

The Pine Hill Haints have sporadically released records here and there over the years, usually self-recorded and sold out of the back of their van. They are all active in local communities, hosting plays, theatre and music shows, and engage in such antisocial activity as painting, screen printing, and tagging.

Maybe we are all doomed. Maybe things will move forward into darker times. Whatever comes, though, the Haints continue on into the void and remind each of us of a once brighter time. Spook the modern times. Infect the youth with a glow of something real, something to dance to and sing along with, something that makes you feel real.

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