Eprhyme is a Brooklyn based MC with deep roots in the west coast underground. His unique blend of universal b-boy poetics and personalized rap polemic combines in a rare formation of boom-bap indy-hop that speaks to hardcore hip hop heads and serious music lovers alike.

His music is both dense and dope, "moving hip-hop to both an academic level of fixation and an inspirational (yes, it had to be said) level of enthusiasm." (Tiny Mix Tapes - 2012). 

Over the last 10 years, Eprhyme has put in work in both Olympia, WA and Brooklyn, NY as a hip hop and Jewish community organizer and educator, an underground  show promoter, booking agent, and artist, independently and commercially releasing over 10 albums.

Whether he is diving into a solo album, working in collaboration with side-projects Darshan or the Saints of Everyday Failures, or producing a compilation, Eprhyme approaches each project with a curator's touch, utilizing "a cross-continental perspective to shake his sound free from distinctions, embracing many instruments, rhythms, and textures with a jazz-man’s ear for bringing the disparate into harmony" (Mudkiss - 2012).


Photo by Shuli Seidler-Feller. View all photographs of Eprhyme.

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