Ashley ErikssonLAKE lead singer and TV collaborator, has been practicing the art of music since her infancy.  As a child in Los Angeles, Ashley sang on the Ren and Stimpy Christmas Album as an adult she sings “Island Song,” the closing credits for Cartoon Network’s cult-sensation Adventure Time

Ashley learned how to do home-recording and multi-tracking in high school from her older brother. Since then, Ashley has made 7 solo albums, of which only the most recent, Seasonal MusicDecarnarnation, and now Colours, are widely available. Ashley founded the band, LAKE, with Eli Moore, Lindsay Schief, and Kenny Tarantino in the summer of 2006.  Ashley’s latest solo album, Colours, was released in 2013, also by K.


Ashely Eriksson photograph
Photograph by Sarah Cass
Ashely Eriksson photograph
Photograph by Eli Moore
Ashely Eriksson photograph
Photograph by Eli Moore

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