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CD Safari: Calvin Johnson

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This is a unique, discounted assortment of eight different compact discs extracted from the extensive oeuvre of Calvin Johnson. These albums span the decades and include work with Dub Narcotic Sound System, the Sons of the Soil and his solo albums, too. Can you dig it?

This CD Safari sale includes:

  1. Calvin Johnson What Was Me [KLp117]
  2. Dub Narcotic Sound System Meets the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Sideways Soul [KLP103]
  3. Dub Narcotic Sound System Handclappin' [KLP147]
  4. Calvin Johnson Before the Dream Faded... [KLP170]
  5. Dub Narcotic Sound System Ridin' Shotgun [KLP050]
  6. Dub Narcotic Sound System Bone Dry [KLP068]
  7. Dub Narcotic Sound System Out of Your Mind [KLP083]
  8. Dub Narcotic Sound System Degenerate Introduction [KLP157]

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