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Share the Cup Broadside

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This print was created on February 8, 2017 by J. Hukee at May Day PressIt features Joey Casio's lyrics for "Share the Cup".

This handset broadside was printed in an edition of 99, using 30 point Kabel typeface and vintage wood type. Each print went through the Vandercook #4 press three times.

"Lay down the ropes that hold your glass walls of solitude. Let your steps stop creating corridors. Toss your torch into the brown paper curtains. Unchain your anchor and sail for shore. Empty fields are full of footprints. You cannot hide your breath from the wind. Come and join in this endless chorus, and hear the waves singing godless hymns. Share the Cup, spare the sword."

Prints measure 9.25  x 12.25 inches and will be shipped flat, in clear archival sleeves.

Proceeds from the sale of these prints will go to the Oakland Fire Relief Fund.