International Pop Underground

In 1987,K launched a series of 7″ singles called the International Pop Underground. This series features artists emanating from pop rockin’ catacombs around the globe. To date there are over 140 volumes in the series.

Some of the artists included in the International Pop Underground are closely allied with K or have toured with K artists and are making a guest appearance on the label, such as Gigi, Chromatics, the Vibrarians, Generifus, Unrest, Versus, Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, the Gossip, Pork, the Pastels, Melody Dog, Bonfire Madigan, Teenage Fanclub, Seaweed. Others are artists who have released albums on K such as LAKE, Pine Hill Haints, Mecca Normal, Chain & the Gang, Angelo Spencer, Lois, Some Velvet Sidewalk, Mirah, Microphones, Make-Up, Beat Happening, Thee Headcoats, Heavenly, Karp, the Crabs, Built to Spill, Jeremy Jay. Releases in the International Pop Underground series are denoted with a catalog number that begins with "IPU"

Two compilations of material from the International Pop Underground series of 7″ records have been released on compact disc, International Hip Swing [KLP016] and Project: Echo [KLP055].