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Joey Casio Invented Neon Letterpress Print

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This letterpress poster was printed at Pope Press Olympia, a community letterpress and book-arts studio, on December 7, 2016 by J. HukeeSaying by Nadia Buyse

Each print measures 11 x 17 inches and was printed on a Vandercook sp15 press using vintage wood type. Due to the nature of proofing presses, each print is slightly different from the next. The print you receive may vary slightly from the one pictured.

Prints will be shipped flat, in clear archival sleeves.

Proceeds from the sale of these prints will go to the Oakland Fire Relief Fund.

Nadia Buyse writes:

"It's hard for me to think of Joey living in the past tense because he was always ahead of his time. So I'm going to write this accordingly: Joey is one of those people that just make people feel good to be around. He is always sharing something amazing (like cassingles released by wrestlers), down to make techno music with cellphones and/or anything else lying around, and he will open up his home and heart to you when you need it. That's why i thought it would be hilarious in circa 2005 ti "fake warn" this band touring with him about all of his bad habits... After listing off fake complaint after complaint, it turned into me inventing Joey's career as an inventor as well... Explaining that his science experiments are always so annoying, and that he WILL be doing them in the van. One of the things I claimed is that he invented neon... and I wrote it on the bathroom wall. A couple of years later I saw one of the bandmates of that tour. They, along with myself and another person, kept the joke going and literally filled the bathroom in San Fransisco art space with more of Joey's "inventions". I think there may have been a few bathrooms, green rooms, and spaces with this claim written on after that as well. Joey knew and I think he would get asked about it sometimes. He was such a good sport about it. Anyway, Dr. Casio... Thank you for the kindness, friendship, talent, energy, laugh, and NEON."