Cock & Swan

Unrecognize LP + CD + Download (Dandelion Gold)

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Now a decade into their partnership, Johnny and Ola started making music together in 2003 on a Tascam 4-track in Bothell, Washington. Reconfiguring their white brick bunker by the Slough (aka the Sammamish River) into a makeshift studio, they wrote and recorded all of Cock & Swan’s material within these close confines. Johnny also began lending his recording and engineering skills to numerous local musicians, notably to Shana Cleveland (The Curious Mystery) and her 60s-steeped surf/pop group La Luz. A recent move to West Seattle promises grander musical endeavors for the duo, yet the Cock & Swan sound remains firmly rooted in a hazy, enveloping aesthetic propelled by analog synthesizers, unplanned samples, muted drums, and faded colors.

Ambient, electro-acoustic, lo-fi. 15 tracks.

Purchase one copy of this album and get all three formats: white vinyl, LP, CD + digital download!

  1. Unrecognized
  2. Morning's Window
  3. Unserious
  4. Goldmine
  5. Sympethizer
  6. Holding On
  7. I Let Me In
  8. One Hundred
  9. Stash
  10. Sneak Close
  11. Know the Look
  12. Sunset Burns
  13. Hypnotize
  14. Remember Sweet
  15. War Drums