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K Button Classic, K Grab Bag, UK Gold, Young Pioneers -

If you were in Olympia for Arts Walk last month, you may have seen UK Gold play at Rainy Day Records, or perhaps you remember their appearance at the Helsing Junction Sleepover. Haven't heard them yet? You can stream their songs on Bandcamp! This trio, featuring Matt Murillo (The Maxines), Forrest Peaker (Wisdom Teeth) and Vadi Erdal (Pitted Youth) is a real Olympia treasure. UK Gold 7-inch + Download Now, UK Gold brings us their first release!This 7-inch was recorded in two sessions: one at High Command with Captain Tripps Ballsington and one at Dub Narcotic Studio with Calvin Johnson. Find the UK Gold 7-inch in the K Mail Order Dept.! The official release date for the Young Pioneers' first...

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