You Are Alone Zip Pak


 A selection from their volume of the International Pop Underground series of seven inch phonograph records [IPU127], recorded by Tucker Martine in Portland, Oregon:

1. You Are Alone

This edition of theSingles Zip-Pak features Special Apps not available on LAKE's International Pop Underground phonograph record. Each member of LAKE has contributed a solo work for this week's Singles Zip-Pak transmission.

2. Ashley Eriksson "Rockabye Baby"
3. Lindsay Scheif "Henry Stamps"
4. Eli Moore "You Are Alone (demo)"

Ashley and Lindsay recorded their songs on their own using home recording technology. Eli's contribution is his demonstration version of the LAKE song, giving us a view of how their songs can change from it's inception to when the band has had a chance to play it as a group.

5. Skrill Meadow "Did You Ever?"
6. Fall of Electricity "Camp Quixote"

These two songs are by LAKE members' other bands. Skrill Meadow features Mark Morrison in a duet with Rose Blumenthal. They have a cassette release, April Fools' Day, on Brown Interior Music. Fall of Electricity are the Olympia duo of Andrew Dorsett and Ross Cowan (who also plays in June Madrona). .

The LAKE 45 "You Are Alone" / "Higher Than Merry" [IPU127] became available January 18, 2011.