Angelo Spencer

World Garage Zip Pak #3

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 All this week Domino Records has arranged for special license that allows them to broadcast seven solid days of radio broadcast from Wandsworth in greater London (between Merton and Lambeth, people). It is called Domino Radio and it can also be heard on the World Wide Web right now at THIS SITE. Assorted artists and hangers-on are the presenters, including our own Selector Dub Narcotic, whose show is on tonight at 2:00 AM Wandsworth time (That’s early evening here in Olympia). The name of Selector Dub Narcotic’s show is Where Monsters Dwell and several K artists make special appearances. If you miss the any of the Domino Radio programs, dunt worry, they are being archived and can be retrieved for future listening. This week theSingles Zip-Pakexcerpts a performance by Angelo Spencer et les Hauts Sommets captured direct to half-track reel-to-reel at Dub Narcotic Studio for Where Monsters Dwell:

1. Tanger, Tanger (Where Monsters Dwell Session)

There is also a brief interview with Angelo Spencer et les Hauts Sommets about their recent tour to Morroco:

2. Interview with Angelo Spencer et les Hauts Sommets on Where Monsters Dwell

This edition of theSingles Zip-Pak featuresSpecial Apps, recordings that will not appear on the Domino Radio
Where Monsters Dwell program, available only here at the K Mail Order Dept.

3. Nasty Blues
4. RAGA!001
5. Transmission (Demo)

These are recordings Angelo Spencer made in preparation for recording his new album World Garage [KLP235] last autumn. Raw and low-down.