Angelo Spencer

World Garage Zip Pak #2


Angelo Spencer’s second full-length album World Garage [KLP235] brings armloads of new instruments and the flavor of exotic locations to a compilation of songs that amount to more than just an album, it’s a wildness experience. Hearing Angelo transition from English to French, from guitar to hand percussion, and from soft singing to autotune screaming, it’s easy to close your eyes and imagine that you’re running barefoot through the soft grass of, somewhere. Somewhere else. Backed by local musicians Ben KappKarl Blau (who also produced the album at Dub Narcotic Studio), Clyde Petersen, with guest vocals by Rebecca Redman (from the band Watercolor Paintings), World Garage began as a bundle of unfinished songs that Angelo Spencer played for everyone, along with a mixtape of Algerian, Moroccan, and Bollywood selections meant to serve as inspiration for how he wanted the finished album to sound; the rest is pure World Garage wildness.

1. Transmission

Though many of the songs on World Garagestarted out as ideas that morphed into songs, “Transmission” was the first song Angelo wrote specifically for the album. On this Angelo plays drums! Ben Kapp was moved over to bass and percussion. Reports Angelo, “we also used this weird salad bowl that we put in the freezer and for some reason the more we banged on it during the take the higher the pitch would get!!!"

This edition of the Singles Zip-Pak features Special AppsAngelo Spencer et les Hauts Sommets recordings that do not appear on the World Garage phonograph record, available only here at the K Mail Order Dept.

2. Raga (003)!
3. Immune System Crashing Down (Dub)

The “Raga (003)!” is Angelo Spencer experimenting with his eight track tape machine at home. “Immune System Crashing Down (Dub)” was mixed by Karl Blau.

World Garage [KLP235] by Angelo Spencer et les Hauts Sommets became available July 19, 2011.