Tender Forever

Where Are We From Zip Pak #2

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 Melanie Valera and Christopher Doulgeris of Tender Forever spent many hours, months, nights and days this past spring working overtime to record their new EP Where Are We from [KLP237]. They divided their recording activity between our Dub Narcotic Studio here in Olympia, Washington, and Christopher’s Portland, Oregon studio known as The Den. TheWhere Are We from EP is about the journeys we take in life and how different paths can lead us to surprising places. Each song on the EP explores a different aspect of this idea:

1. The Road Was Unkind

This is the only song on the EP recorded entirely atDub NarcoticMelanie and Christopher both played a marimba-like instrument they found in the studio, a remnant of when Dub Narcotic was located in the same building as Musical Furnishings, an Olympia woodshop that builds marimbas into chairs, chests, tables. After having the fun of recording marimba on the song, they realized it was a half-step off key. The wonders of the digital age allowed them to rectify this situation via modern computer technology.

This edition of theSingles Zip-Pak featuresSpecial Apps, recordings that did not appear on theTender Forever 12” phonograph record Where Are We from [KLP237], available only here at the K Mail Order Dept.

2. Nowhere Good Enough (Demo)
3. Got to Let Go (demo with Angelo Spencer)

These two songs document the dawning of what became the last Tender Forever album No Snare [KLP217]. They were recorded by Melanie Valera at Dub Narcotic Studio all by her lonesome. Angelo Spencer happened to stop by that day and Melanieasked him to add his unique artistic stamp to the recording of “Got to Let Go”, which he did via electric guitar.