Vol. #16


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The FIB issue #16 (the digital version is 92 pages in FULL COLOR!!!)

Each issue of The Fidalgo Island's Beautiful fanzine is made entirely by hand and free of paid advertisements by former Fidalgo Island resident turned Olympia local, Jimi Sharp.  Originally each issue was created with the idea in mind that individual copies would be photocopied on a copy machine in black and white and read in the tangible zine format.  Welcome to the 21st Century edition of The FIB zine in FULL COLOR!!!

Issue #16 "The ANACORTES Issue" includes:
  1. An exclusive Beat Happening interview Pt. 1 (Heather, Bret, and Calvin were each interviewed at length, but separately) with rare photos, concert posters, and other cool ephemera
  2. Individual interviews with members of Anacortes' Independent Music Community including: Jonn Lunsford, Karl Blau, Al Larsen, and Phil Elverum among many other talented folks
  3. A lengthy tribute article to Anacortes' Late Great, Leica Piranha (aka: Brandon Schafer). The article includes memories of Leica by his family and friends, an old interview with Leica by Jimi, many photos and newspaper articles Brandon/Leica appeared in, and some of his beautiful artwork
  4. An interactive Rock, Paper, Scissors game that allows the readers to compete against all three members of Beat Happening and other K friends and family
  5. An impromptu interview on the streets of Anacortes (7th & Commercial) with Fidalgo Island's own, John Van Deusen of The Lonely Fores
  6. Lifelike cover art of Heather, Bret, and Calvin playing a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors by former Fidalgo Island resident turned Olympia local, Josh Bosworth (He's Jimi's friend who questioned whether parts of Beat Happening's "Indian Summer" video were filmed in Bret's hometown of Anacortes, prompting Jimi to give him an answer in the form of The Olympia Walking Tour Zine)  

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