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The Making of Thriller Zip Pak

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The artist forever known as Adam Forkner has been involved withand Dub Narcotic Studio for over a decade, present at seminal recording sessions with Little WingsDub Narcotic Sound Systemthe Blowthe MicrophonesChristopher CrossKriss Kross and Rudolf Nureyev, as well as his own many recording inspirations Yume Bitsu,Version and now, White RainbowAdam visited Dub Narcotic Studio last year on his way home from a performance in Seattle. He plugged in, turned on and blew a new hole in the sky laying down the various tracks that became the Dub Narcotic Disco Plate known forever after as “The Making of Thriller” [DBN125]. This was entirely improvised, people. No second tries. He moved from one mysterious box of wires to the next layering the text. Then he packed up his pedals and was on his way, like a cowboy thief riding off into the stardust. Here is a site on the world wide web that can explain his approach to it all much better than I, the White Rainbow Official Flanger Pedal. There are several White Rainbow albums floating around out there. Check into it. The latest focus seems to be the collaboration Purple & Green.
Here is what became of that afternoon at Dub Narcotic Studio:

1. The Making of Thriller

Super groovy. As usual, the flip side of the 45 is a remix version by our own Selector Dub Narcotic:

2. Selector Dub Narcotic “The Making of Star Wars”

Melodica days. And nights.

This edition of the Singles Zip-Pak features Special Apps, recordings that do not appear on the Dub Narcotic Disco Plate phonograph record with “The Making of Thriller”, recordings available only here at the K Mail Order Dept.

3. Ohh Shooba Me to Ba White Reggae

At one time Adam Forkner was a member of the Devendra Banhart touring band known at the time as Queens of Sheba; they often played something they referred to as “White Reggae Troll”, which eventually was included on the Crippled Crow album. “Ohh Shooba Me to Ba White Reggae” could be view as a bastardization of that rhythm or what have you, recorded by Adam at the Marriage Records studio in Portland, Oegon “with the computer and with synths and loopers and my voice and fx and stuff, air raid syren as snare drum, weird synth blasts and solos, vocal drifts…the usual…just made that shee…bonk.”

“The Making of Thriller” [DBN125] by White Rainbow became available November 1, 2011.