"The In-between" by Gillian Smee

Full Release


Desolation Wilderness - Moon Dreams
Rose Melberg - Things That We Do
Tara Jane O'neil - Temple Lullaby
Curious Mystery - Up In The Morning
Angelo Spencer - Transmission
Ruby Fray - Closed Eye
Jeremy Jay - Caught In A Whirl

An intern for the past six months at K, Gillian Smee bids adieu in this weeks K Staff Playlist "The In-between" for the K Mail Order Department.

Gillian: "Faintly bittersweet of a journeys end, of summer ice chai galavants and sultry afternoons by the lake, 'The In-between' welcomes the fall with a gentle sigh. With Desolation Wilderness' haunting twilights and Kendl Winters lingering afternoons it's a playlist for a warm coffee on a cooler morning as the next batch of K interns come in. And a welcoming to the rain as the soft encroach of autumn settles between Olympia's alleys."

Moon Dreams - Desolation Wilderness

Things That We Do - Rose Melberg

Temple Lullaby - Tara Jane O'neil

Up In The Morning - Curious Mystery

Transmission - Angelo Spencer

Closed Eye - Ruby Fray

Caught In A Whirl - Jeremy Jay