Nucular Aminals

Start From An End LP

Sold Out

Do you think that it is possible to ride on a wave of evil with a Farfisa as your surfboard?  What do you think it feels like to go to a fantastically entertaining funeral where Satan is the musical act? These are dark times we live in and the Nucular Aminals have decided to celebrate with their new Start From An End album, their first since their K debut Nucular Aminals [KLP233].

  If one were to look for the Nucular Aminals major musical influences you would quickly find them on their sweatshirted sleeves.  For example, "Comeuppance" breeds a Northwest monster sound with tightly laced guitar and organ interworkings. The adept and nasty use of chords and turnarounds in "Downstairs Children" sound  like a Rat Fink supercharger running out of control in Sleepy Hollow.  Erin Schmith's lithe and ample keyboard sounds figure heavily into "Nobody's Man" the air with necessary melodic weight while Wiley Hickson, the cymbal and snare scientist himself, concocts a sinister 3/4 dervish on "Health is imposing" that rocks Robert Comitz's ghost call into the afterlife. Waiting there is Jheremy Grigsby like a low frequency monolith, delivering a healthy collective vibration to songs like "Start from an End".
For those who like their melancholy with a touch of math, this is a place where everyone knows your name. Don't let me be misunderstood though, these sounds are HEAVY! The crunchy guitars are literally eating the reverb plate alive!  A touch of Grunge you say? Perhaps. But if you decide to call Portland your home you wear that tag like a badge of honor. Nucular Aminals wouldn't have it any other way and they back up their meaty fervor throughout this excellent LP.

The Aminals tour and perform quite often, playing with respectable groups like Ty Segall, White Fence, Harlem, Grass Widow, Crystal Stilts, The Intelligence, Nodzzz and many more. Seeing them live is a must and if you are lucky (and you will be) they will even serenade you in Portuguese!!


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