Mansion Music

s/t Cassette (Radical Clatter)


Anita Sparrow lives in the Mansion, a large wooden residential structure in East Vancouver. Her Mansion-mates are a gang of like-minded feminists, many of whom also make music. Anita recorded a batch of songs about how life can go right and wrong; it’s all hearts and daggers haunted by the ghosts of bedmates past (“Your face looks different when we fight”), recorded by Mansion-mate Katie Caron and released as a cassette on Radical Clatter, a label run by Mansion-dweller Aaron MacHattie. Last autumn she and some cohorts embarked on a cross-continental journey christened the “Smash Patriarchy” tour. This cassette includes "Maps", featured on the Believer compilation Love Songs for Lamps.

anita - uke, vocals 
nicole - bass, vocals 
katie - drums, vocals