City Center

Redeemer Zip Pak

Sold Out

 Selections from City Center's album Redeemer [KLP231]:

1. Thaw
2. Modern Love

Fred Thomas and Ryan Howard played together for several years in the Michigan-based combo Saturday Looks Good to Me before beginning this new collaboration, City Center; they already have several 12" and 7" releases under their belt. Redeemer is their first full-length K release. This edition of theSingles Zip-Pak features Special Apps not available on City Center's Redeemer [KLP231] album:

3. Let's Go Die

This is a song Fred describes as having a heavy New Zealand influence. He asks that the lyrics to "Let's Go Die" be included because they "make the song":

All can begin their understanding
In senseless sleeping bag remnants on the playground
The skeleton wails
Your hand's fuzzy trails
And the woods behind the house all make the same sound
Nobody else can see
No one but you and me
If parties are guns
And guns are drawings of guns
Party with me in a drawing of a graveyard
I don't have a name to forget yet
So I can't keep away from me
Can't spell it out
The coffin maker and undertaker are somehow the town's only softball sponsors
I don't have a job
Or a heartbeat that stops
And I'm afraid of any actual answers
But it's okay, I'm only here in theory anyway
Everyone here is asleep
Everyone except me
Every age is the age of complaint
Everyone else.

4. City Center Percussion Options

Here is a final taste of the City Center vibe filmed at the Dub Narcotic Studio, a short view of their percussion decision-making process.

The City Center album Redeemer [KLP231] became available Spring, 2011.