Poster Pack

Poster Pack #1


Ten K posters for $15! In this poster pack, you get the following posters:

  • Mirah - Joyride: Remixes [KLP177] (a long poster with Mirah wearing a bunch of different outfits) 
  • Tender Forever - Wider [KLP188] (Mel wearing Post-Its!) 
  • The Microphones - Song Islands [KLP125]
  • Jason Anderson - The Hopeful & The Unafraid [KLP189] 
  • Mahjongg - The Long Shadow Of The Paper Tiger [KLP219]
  • Kimya Dawson - Alphabutt [KLP193] (one side is already colored, the other side is left B&W for you to color yourself) 
  • Rose Melberg - Homemade Ship [KLP211]
  • Kendl Winter - Apple Core [KLP244]
  • All Girl Summer Fun Band [KLP130]
  • The Softies - Greatings from... Holiday in Rhode Island [KLP119]