Sapphire Mansions

Over America LP (It’s Raining Records)

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This E.P. is an edition of 300 hand-stamped and hand-painted, matte-sleeve 12" LPs. It was mastered by K's own Jeremy Jay and is a highly recommended listen for anyone interested in "dream-pop".

Sapphire Mansions was formed after Gold Triangle broke up and Jay Hough began touring with Zarjaz. Hough "has been honing his own songwriting and finding his voice with Matt, Josh and Serge (Beachniks, German Measles) as Sapphire Mansions... Still lo-fi, but lovingly recorded at Marlborough Farms, these songs breathe the same confidence and flair as Felt circa Splendour of Fear. The vocals actually contain so much melody on tracks like “Too Shiny” they could have been mixed right to the front. All six songs earn the width of their grooves on this 12″; “This Swirling Image” alone has enough hooks and ingredients to fill a whole EP. The cover looks great..." (Krister Bladh, Record Turnover).


"If you have an appreciation for or are familiar at all with early '80s Cherry Red Records or Creation (especially Felt), you will probably dig their brittle, poppy, organ-driven sound" (Brooklyn Vegan).

You can stream the EP here.