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 Born in a cold, dark Olympia basement, Western Hymn is the uncouth union of two local thoroughbreds: the Old Haunts and Bangs. A classic three-piece stomping spooky riffs and thunderous hooves, Western Hymn digs on Northwest punk staples – reverb and rain, motorcycles and minivans. Craig Extine works the Hagstrom-hybrid, Sarah Utter switches her riffs from trusty guitar to bass guitar, and Kris Cunningham pounds the beat as only a native Nor'westerner can. With vocals that beg, exclaim and snarl, Western Hymn strikes up from underground.

Selections from their Out of the Way EP [IPU133]:

1. Out of the Way
2. Underground

This edition of the K Singles Zip-Pak features Special Apps not available on the Out of the Way EP:

3. Come Unchained

A song from their self-released debut album Western Hymn.

The Western Hymn Out of the Way EP [IPU133] became available March 8, 2011.