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Nobody's Man Zip Pak

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Before you’ve even had a chance to absorb the debut album by Nucular Aminals (it is called Nucular Aminals [KLP233]! Selections from this boss tome were featured in The Singles Zip-Pak on March 24 and April 28), we’re giving you a sneak preview of their upcoming volume in our International Pop Underground series of 7” 45 rpm phonograph records. Recorded by Calvin Johnson at Dub Narcotic Studio, it features the same loveable line-up that has won over the hearts and souls of so many cheerful Northwesterners: RobertErinJheremy andWiley. It’s supreme noisy pop rockin’ perfected at their Frawg Pound Studio in Portland, Oregon.

1. Nobody’s Man
2. Garrison + Phillips / Garrison Phillips

“Nobody’s Man” is the A side of the single, a catchy tune! “Garrison + Phillips / Garrison Phillips” references 19th century abolitionist politics, which some may consider unusual for a 21st century pop combo. Visit these links to read more about William Lloyd Garrison and Wendell Phillips.

This edition of the Singles Zip-Pak features Special Apps, a recording that do not appear on the Nucular Aminals “Nobody’s Man” phonograph record, available only here at the K Mail Order Dept.

3. Untitled

A song created by the Nucular Aminals earlier this week in their swingin’ rehearsal lair located deep in the heart of North Portland. It is so new it was given the title “Untitled”.

“Nobody’s Man” [IPU137] by Nucular Aminals became available September 6, 2011.