No Retro Zip Pak


 Selections from their volume in our International Pop Underground series of 7" 45 rpm phonograph records:

1. No Retro
2. Basemint Theme

These boss rockin' tunes were recorded recently at the Dub Narcotic Studio. Steve Potter plays drums and keyboards, Spencer Kelley plays guitar and sings, Scott Ricketts handles the electric bass guitar and Gilbert Clapp is on the drum set. All four members originally hail from Auburn, Wash. (and currently reside in Tacoma, Wash.), Steve, Spencer and Scott played in various versions of the band Wallpaper. Calvin Johnson, who makes a guest appearance on "Basemint Theme", pushed the "record" button. Basemint are scheduled to return to the Dub Narcotic Studio very soon to finish their second International Pop Underground 45, "Hail Mary".

This edition of the Singles Zip-Pak features Special Apps not available on the Basemint 45 rpm:

3. The Big Cool Down
4. Professor Plum
5. Ghost Riding the Rails

More tune wranglin' by Tacoma's chief rock'n'roll saddle tramps. "The Big Cool Down" was recorded a couple years ago in Steve Potter's parents basement. It's a slightly different version of the band as a three piece with Steve on drums. "Professor Plum" and "Ghost Riding the Rails" were recorded at the offical Basemint Practice Space in Tacoma, Wash. by the same four-piece line-up as the Dub Narcotic Studio session.

The Basemint 45 rpm phonograph record "No Retro" [IPU135] became available Spring, 2011.