Namiot Zip Pak


The Olympia underground soul noise scene has blessed our planet with many a fine combo; the most Boss-Rockin' of all in this decade of the '10 has got to be Christmas. They made sonic moon waves across the fields of Southern Thurston County last weekend at the Helsing Junction Sleep Over with their Saturday night countryside freak-out performance. Kids were dancing on each other and out through the orchard; a beautiful sight. 

Christmas recorded this Dub Narcotic Disco Plate at Dub Narcotic Studio a couple months back; Selector Dub Narcotic manipulated the flip-side to serious effect. 

1) Namiot
2) Namiot Version 

This edition of the Singles Zip-Pak features Special Apps not available on the "Namiot" 45: 

3) It's Only an Ocean 

After completing "Namiot" Christmas improvised a song in the studio. Christmas vocalist Emily Beanblossom and Dub Narcotic Studio engineer Calvin Johnson scribbled a batch of lyrics and recorded the duet "It's Only an Ocean", bringing this late-night studio session to an end. 

4) Santa Cruz
5) Dog Problems 

Two songs from a living room recording session produced by Arrington de Dionyso and Ben Hargett. Residential freak-out! 

The 45 rpm phonograph record of "Namiot" [DBN118] became available February 22, 2010.